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5 Important Things You Need To Know Before Redesigning Your Website

The phrase "website redesign" is quite self-explanatory. A website redesign is merely the renovation of an existing website. It varies, depending on the circumstances. Some websites may require a cosmetic refresh, while others may require a total overhaul, from substance to SEO components.

Websites are unique in a way that they may be modified on the spur of the moment. If you are dissatisfied with how your website looks, feels, or operates, you are free to make changes. And there are often compelling reasons to do so. A new design can help you boost organic traffic, enhance conversion rates, and increase brand authority. That being said, if you start modifying your website without a plan, the outcomes might be difficult to predict. Old visitors, users, and customers may be dissatisfied with the changes (at least initially), and you may fail to bring in enough new ones to justify the makeover. And if you decide to follow this up with another makeover, you may end up losing even more people.

To avoid such consequences, you must plan things thoroughly and ahead of time. We have created a list of factors you should bear in mind before you begin making changes so that your website makeover turns into a huge success.

  • Upgrade the technology

The first step you should take before redesigning your website is to determine whether you need to change your technology. Web technology is rapidly changing. For example, HTML is in its fifth iteration, CSS has introduced its version 4.0, and JavaScript (or ECMAScript, to be specific) only recently issued its 10th version in June. And these are just the basic technologies. Various libraries, modules and frameworks that constitute the web development ecosystem (such as Angular, React, Node.js, and others) are also constantly evolving. By upgrading some of these elements, you may make your website secure, quicker, and more feature-rich. However, doing so may cause issues with other technologies you're employing. If you're not sure whether a technological upgrade is necessary, try hiring a qualified web developer to perform a site assessment and provide ideas on what could be changed.

  • Consider website scaling

Another technological consideration is website scalability. If your company is expanding, ensuring that your website can manage increased traffic is critical. Failing to scale up your online business would make your website difficult to navigate, so all that increased traffic will be wasted. This is particularly true if you have an ecommerce business. Shifting to dedicated hosting with a trustworthy hosting company is a common way to scale up your website. WordPress hosting and comparable solutions will simply not suffice beyond a certain point. What kind of media resources you use is another crucial scalability issue. While providing uncompressed, high-resolution photographs may be doable if traffic is minimal, they might cause considerable delays if the customer base increases.

  • Incorporating customer feedback

Technology is vital in a website redesign, but it is not the only factor. Some say that design is more about how your customers and users interact with your website than it is about the website itself. For example, a feature that you need for technical reasons may not be a feature that your consumers want or require. The key to creating a user-friendly website redesign is determining what your clients genuinely want and then making the necessary modifications. There are various methods for gathering client feedback on your website. The most direct method is to personally ask them by email, social networks, or a website form.

  • Re-branding the website

Another reason you might wish to update your site is for rebranding purposes. There are several instances where changes within your organization may need a shift in its brand as well. And, because your website is part of your company's image, updating it to reflect your changing identity might be a wise step. For example, rebranding generally entails changing the brand logo, so in order to retain brand consistency, you need to update your website to match the new one. Another thing to consider is changing the general design and look of your website. Changing from a flat, monochrome design to a more colorful one might radically change the UX of your website. The same holds true for your site's other visual components, including fonts, favicons, icons, and element groups.

  • Re-purposing the content

The importance of content in site design cannot be overstated. A website without content would resemble a blank picture frame, visually appealing but lacking substance. When you decide to rebuild your website, keep in mind that your website content will need to be fine-tuned as well. Consider the length of the material. A 3000-word article has a different visual arrangement of text than a design focusing on small columns and lots of whitespaces. So, you need to make some sacrifices to make your content appealing. Similar sacrifices must be made if you are redesigning your website for mobile viewing. The beautiful thing about content is that it's naturally adaptable, which means that tiny modifications can go a long way. Some businesses choose to produce whole new content following a makeover, which is incredibly inefficient. You should strive to repurpose existing material to make it compatible with the updated design.

You should employ a cyber-security specialist to do a vulnerability audit on your current website. You should also maintain frequent backups of your records so that you can recover more quickly from an attack, and use secured forms to safeguard important user data such as credit card information and passwords.

Revamping your website is a significant step that has the ability to increase your online presence in a variety of ways. It is also a risky decision since, even if you successfully implement all of the changes, your existing clients may not like it. So, in order to prevent this circumstance, you need to plan ahead of time

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