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Enhance the capacity of storage for ideal business growth

The easy-access technology facilitating individuals & organizations providing them with many aspects of computing in the form of online services that can be controlled via web interfaces.

Cloud computing can be divided into three different categories: infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The first category involves big industries like Google who rent out huge computing infrastructure to other companies. PaaS focuses on online platforms where developers create different software’s and service. SaaS is the platform where clients use software’s extensively instead of being dependent on the Internet.

WHAT? - An internet based service model to maintain, manage and back up data and made available to users over a protected network via virtual hardware and software.

WHY? - Cloud is soon enveloping the industry as a major component to store and share vast amount of data in a competitive environment for businesses to accelerate. Cloud is a capable system that provides customization to favor industrial preferences with flexibility.

HOW? - Cloud computing enables businesses to run programs with the provision of internet leading to little consumption of space, resources and time and superior operation.

WHERE? -The Cloud is a service that exists in distant data centers accessible through the internet. A number of computersservers work together to facilitatedifferent aspects of computing in the form of online services. The system works through an online interface for easy accessibility.