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Save your data with progressive Cyber Security

Cyber Security
At an individual level, a Cyber-Security attack can result in everything from identity theft, to extortion attempts, to the loss of important data like family photos. Over the years, the number of security incidents has increased. From a total cost of $445 billion in 2014, the cost of cybercrimes reached $600 billion in 2017 and a rising $2 trillion in 2019.

A digital net or layer protecting networks, systems, programs and projects from exterior threats and malwares. A secured initiative Enseur’s Cyber Resilience protects your data and business communication from being interrupted and attacked.

Enseur’s cyber security is on constant vigil to protect your operations and data from being accessed by external forces. The Cyber Security warrants strength and value against destructive agents.

It explains how you can identify attacks, protect systems, detect and respond to threats, and recover from successful attacks.

A Cyber-security report on cybercrimes has predicted that the cost of cyberthreats will rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021,encompassingthe damage and loss of sensitive data, laundered money, destruction of productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to businesses, forensic investigation, restoration and deleted hacked data and systems.

With our six years of experience and endpoint focused key management, Enseur has extracted that policies that will help keep your organization’s data secure even as technology evolves.